We Are Greatly Concerned About America's Future Support For The Nation of Israel

America Has Been One of Israel's Only Supporters. That Support Must Continue! 

Over the years America has been Israel's best (and sometimes her only) supporter. With the arrival of the Arab Spring revolutions, Israel is more and more becoming isolated and surrounded by an ever more hostile orbit of nations dedicated to her destruction.

It is vitally important that Americans realize that the safety and security of Israel is not only vital to our security, but to the security of the Middle East and the world. We believe that Bible prophecy is explicitly linked with Israel's future. She is at the vortex of what's going to happen in the end times, and she must be supported and protected against her numerous enemies.

This is why we encourage all of our Jewish friends to support "Chaos Reaction". One of our main goals in the presentation of this prophetic material is to support the nation of Israel and help people see that God has not and never will forget about his chosen people. And God blesses those nations that bless Israel.

If you agree with this stated message (even if you are not a Christian believer) we would greatly appreciate your support to help us get this message out to our world. The secular version of "Chaos Reaction" will definitely be pro Israel in its message.

My name is Paul McGuire and I have partnered with White Owl Films to help produce this TV documentary. The late General Shimon Erem said of me, “Paul McGuire is a Watchman on the Walls of Jerusalem, one of the best.” You can count on the fact that the message of our film will be consistent with my reputation as a friend and supporter of Israel.

I have been featured on the Fox News Channel, CNN and Coast to Coast AM. We hope to get this message up on many secular cable TV networks like The History Channel where I have already produced two specials.

Paul McGuire

Will You Help With Us? 

As Israel's situation gets increasingly perilous, your support is very important. This powerful message must be aired. We are called to stand up on the city's walls and trumpet a warning. Will you join us?

First, please sign up on our email list once we set it up. That will get you into our membership area where you will be kept informed as to the project's progress. We will have more than one email list, and when you sign up, you'll receive emails just for our Jewish brethren.

Second, please show your support for the pro Israel message of "Chaos Reaction" by clicking on the secure order button below. When you donate, your gift will go a long way towards helping our filmmaking team put this powerful message on the screen.


More About Your Donation

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your prayers and for your donation (of any size). Don't forget: God is on the throne and fortunately, He is the one who holds the future! 


Will You Team Up With Us?

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We would like you to join our  efforts to produce this critically needed 90-minute docudrama documentary. Whether you can donate or not, we covet having you on our email list. Although the link below isn't yet working, stay tuned, because we'll be adding it soon. We want to keep you informed, send you prayer requests, production stills and  video clips.

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