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Are We A Non Profit Organization?

Although we are working in association with Fresh Light Christian Fellowship, we want to be totally up front about the fact that White Owl Films Inc. is not a non profit organization. Our primary business is to package collective production packages for upcoming Hollywood films, putting investors together with the production companies.

While we wish that we could completely fund the "Chaos Reaction" film out of our own pockets, unfortunately that is simply not possible. This film project is designed to be a Ministry outlet for so many Christians who want to reach the world and share with them the truth about Bible prophecy, but who simply don't have the means to do this on their own.

This is why we're inviting you to participate with us in creating a truly powerful film to reach millions. Independently, none of us can accomplish very much. But united together we can't accomplish a lot for the Lord's Kingdom.

But again, your donations to this project will not be tax deductible. We are a film production company composed of people who see the Scriptural signs of the times taking place before our eyes. We know that there isn't much time left to proclaim the clear message of hope and salvation. We need your help in warning America and the world before the judgment and wrath of God is poured out on the earth.

How Big Is Our Budget? 

Typically, a project the size of what we're embarking on should be around $1,000,000. But we are conservatively budgeting "Chaos Reaction" at only $250,000. But if we have to, we'll make it for far less, using our creative know-how and our many connections in the industry to accomplish different jobs less expensively.

None of the monies received through this website will fund exorbitant salaries or anything that is inconsistent with the goals and message of this film. We are personally repulsed by those ministers who use their ministries to justify purchasing mansions, private jets and funding lavish lifestyles. None of us live like that, nor will we as a result of this project.

This film is a ministry, and it is not meant to be a money making project. Of course, the laborer is worthy of being remunerated for his time. This is not a volunteer project and we will pay the professionals who are involved in this work. If the Lord does not return soon, there will also be other ministry films to follow "Chaos Reaction."

Currently, our team is working for free while we put this dramatic and powerful documentary together. We all hope that when the film is ready for distribution, that we might actually be compensated for our time and creative energy. But none of us are in this for the money. We have bonded together on this mutual mission because we all believe that the time is so very short to get out this critical message before America as we know it falls.

If you would like to ask me any questions, you can email me directly (david@whiteowlfilms.com) to get your questions answered. I trust the Lord to stir your heart as he has stirred ours. If you heart is moved in any way about this project, may I humbly suggest that you fall on your knees, as we have all done, and seek the Lord about your involvement in this project. I have total confidence in the Lord that he is capable of bringing the right people onto our team.

Will You Stand With Us? 

This is not a time for business as usual. We believe the end is approaching rapidly like an out-of-control freight train full of explosives headed for a major populated city. This powerful message must be aired. We are called to stand up on the city's walls and trumpet a warning. Will you join us?

Neither politicians nor any New World Order can solve the problems the world has brought upon itself. Instead of fixing the planet's problems, they will destroy our world. The most loving thing believers can do for all of the innocent people who will be caught in the Antichrist's cross hairs is to warm them about what's coming, and offer a clear message of Hope!

First, we would like you on our email list. Once we set this up, we will create an area Online where you will be kept informed as to the project's progress. Over the coming months we'll give you up-to-the-minute news as we finalize the script and begin principal photography and editing. We'll share with you about this project, providing prayer requests so you can support us at the throne of Grace. You'll also be able to help us promote the film and our message before, during and after it's release.

Second, we would greatly appreciate your support for this Ministry by clicking on the secure button below. When you donate any amount you can spare to empower this vital project, your gift will greatly encourage our filmmaking team who are working tirelessly to put this message on the screen.


More About Your Donation

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your prayers and for your donation (of any size). Don't forget: God is on the throne and fortunately, He is the one who holds the future! 


Will You Team Up With Us?

If you'd like to stand with us on this project and help us get the funding necessary to launch this ministry film, please click on this Donate button.


Will You Become Involved
With Our Production Team?

We would like you to join our  efforts to produce this critically needed 90-minute docudrama documentary. Whether you can donate or not, we covet having you on our email list. Although the link below isn't yet working, stay tuned, because we'll be adding it soon. We want to keep you informed, send you prayer requests, production stills and  video clips.

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