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David Webster

David Webster is the President and founder of White Owl Films. The "Chaos Reaction -- Basic Extinction" project was inspired by his vision for reaching the world with this timely message. David has worked with numerous well-known A-List Hollywood talent in several films that are currently in various stages of production.

David began his career in the entertainment industry being exposed to all aspects of behind the scenes film production, from line producing, film packaging, daily production, to distribution. His involvement as a producer included foreign co-production and non-traditional source funding.


Paul McGuire


We are very pleased to have nationally recognized prophecy expert Paul McGuire involved in "Chaos Reaction" film project. He will be one of the writers and on-screen experts for this powerful film. Paul is the author of 22 books, an internationally recognized expert on prophecy and has been a Professor of Eschatology at Dr. Jack Hayford's Kings College and Seminary. The History Channel produced two programs with Paul, one of which was the special entitled "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse."

Paul has been featured on the Fox News Channel, CNN and Coast to Coast AM. He has been a featured speaker at many major prophecy conferences. Paul has also been a nationally syndicated radio talk show host from Los Angeles. McQuire produced two science fiction feature films. The late General Shimon Erem said, "Paul McGuire is a Watchman on the Walls of Jerusalem, one of the best." Paul's teachings are followed by people in 122 nations.
Jason Graham

John Souter of Fresh Light Christian Fellowship has recently joined the "Chaos Reaction -- Basic Extinction" team is our screen writer and film director. John has written 70 books (45 of which were Christian) and he produced and directed the 40-minute dramatic film called: "What Is A Christian?" John was a pioneering senior pastor in California and Oregon for several years and the churches he began now number thousands in attendance.



Paul Oebel is the Creative Director for White Owl Films. He was raised in church with a father that started pastoring in 1949, and continued as a Senior Pastor until his death, 61 years later. Being a third generation minister, Paul began his own ministries at 15 and by the time he turned 18, he was out in the evangelistic field.

In the business world, Paul owns and operates his own website and graphic design company, PRO Advantage, which he founded in 1996. He has set records and stays on top of his creative industry. His accommodations range from receiving National Certificates of Accomplishment from the Nation’s Capital to many awards from local municipalities for his philanthropy work.

Will You Stand With Us? 

This is not a time for business as usual. We believe the end is approaching rapidly like an out-of-control freight train full of explosives headed for a major populated city. This powerful message must be aired. We are called to stand up on the city's walls and trumpet a warning. Will you join us?

Neither politicians nor any New World Order can solve the problems the world has brought upon itself. Instead of fixing the planet's problems, they will destroy our world. The most loving thing believers can do for all of the innocent people who will be caught in the Antichrist's cross hairs is to warm them about what's coming, and offer a clear message of Hope!

First, we would like you on our email list. Once we set this up, we will create an area Online where you will be kept informed as to the project's progress. Over the coming months we'll give you up-to-the-minute news as we finalize the script and begin principal photography and editing. We'll share with you about this project, providing prayer requests so you can support us at the throne of Grace. You'll also be able to help us promote the film and our message before, during and after it's release.

Second, we would greatly appreciate your support for this Ministry by clicking on the secure button below. When you donate any amount you can spare to empower this vital project, your gift will greatly encourage our filmmaking team who are working tirelessly to put this message on the screen.

More About Your Donation

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your prayers and for your donation (of any size). Don't forget: God is on the throne and fortunately, He is the one who holds the future! 


Will You Team Up With Us?

If you'd like to stand with us on this project and help us get the funding necessary to launch this ministry film, please click on this Donate button.


Will You Become Involved
With Our Production Team?

We would like you to join our  efforts to produce this critically needed 90-minute docudrama documentary. Whether you can donate or not, we covet having you on our email list. Although the link below isn't yet working, stay tuned, because we'll be adding it soon. We want to keep you informed, send you prayer requests, production stills and  video clips.

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