As The Hebrew Prophets Foretold,
Thousands of Signs Declare 

Humanity Is Headed for Extinction!

We May Be The Last Generation. Help Us Warn The World & Proclaim A Message Of Hope! 

The daily news is downright scary. The world's gone crazy. Large swaths of our cities have been wiped off the map by freaky weather like nothing we've ever seen. Planet          Earth Basic ExtinctionAlmost everyday natural disasters slam into our planet — tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, plagues, and famines. And all over the world, sudden mass deaths of fish, birds and animals have begun happening in record numbers for no apparent reason.

Mysterious UFO sightings are alarming observers. Large meteors are falling and scientists are warning of extinction level events like an asteroid hitting the earth, radical climate change, and the likelihood of a global pandemic that kills billions. There has been a dramatic rise in satanism, the occult and atheism. Christians are being marginalized and persecuted everywhere.

The world's debt crisis threatens to bring the largest nations to their knees, collapsing the world economy. Many governments (including the U.S.) are now consistently abusing their power, trampling on human rights and moving towards a New World Order. Where will all this end?

Because these bizarre events are so troubling, people are desperate to know what's going to happen in the United States and around the world. Many others simply bury their heads in the sand hoping our problems will just go away. But I can promise you this — our problems will not go away.

The Future Is Now

Thousands of years ago, the Hebrew prophets predicted how the world  would end; today's events match the warning signs that were given to prepare us right before the apocalypse kicks in. When these events begin, all opposition to the Antichrist will be stamped out and human life will become very cheap. Governments will "legalize" genocide on many of their own citizens. Dissidents and believers of all faiths will face execution and the guillotine without trial. Men everywhere need to know what to expect and how to prepare themselves for this tyranny. The truth about the future will definitely set men free both here on earth and afterward in eternity.

This is why we feel compelled by the Spirit to produce "Chaos Reaction: Basic Extinction." This film is designed to wake up America to the crisis of chaos that is quickly enveloping us all. I have never been involved with any project for which I felt such a spiritual compulsion. The time is late and the need is great.

White Owl Films has partnered with seasoned prophecy expert Paul McGuire and John Souter (who will be the screenwriter and director) of a cutting edge film designed to reach a mass audience — especially the younger generation. This film will analyze the unusual signs we're seeing in the world and show us how these clues all relate to the final days of planet earth. But this film is more than an omen about the coming apocalypse, it presents a clear link to the one true Hope. 

"Chaos Reaction – Basic Extinction" is being designed to reach a mass audience. The film will present the clear scriptural teaching about the end times and it will have a strong evangelistic message. It will present Christ as the only true Hope for America and the world. We will also be providing a book for those who want more information about biblical prophecy and how to solidify their faith in Christ.

Our plan is to use many popular venues like webinars, YouTube, broadcast media, church showings and even movie theaters to get this message seen and viewed by millions of people around the world. This is more than a film, it's our Mission. The message will be intense and troubling because it is intended to pique interest and provoke soul searching as humanity marches towards the cliff.

Will You Stand With Us?

We are very pleased to have partnered with nationally recognized prophecy expert Paul McGuire involved in the "Chaos Reaction" film project. He will be one of the writers and on-screen experts for this powerful film. Paul is the author of 22 books, an internationally recognized expert on prophecy and has been a Professor of Eschatology at Dr. Jack Hayford's Kings College and Seminary. The History Channel produced two programs with Paul, one of which was the special entitled "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse."
This is not a time for business as usual. We believe the end is approaching rapidly like an out-of-control freight train full of explosives headed for a major populated city. This powerful message must be aired. We are called to stand up on the city's walls and trumpet a warning. Will you join us?

Neither politicians nor any New World Order can solve the problems the world has brought upon itself. Instead of fixing the planet's problems, they will destroy our world. The most loving thing believers can do for all of the innocent people who will be caught in the Antichrist's cross hairs is to warn them about what's coming, and offer a clear message of Hope!

First, we would like you on our email list. Once we set this up, we will create an area Online where you will be kept informed as to the project's progress. Over the coming months we'll give you up-to-the-minute news as we finalize the script and begin principal photography and editing. We'll share with you about this project, providing prayer requests so you can support us at the throne of Grace. You'll also be able to help us promote the film and our message before, during and after it's release.

Second, we would greatly appreciate your support for this Ministry by clicking on the secure button below. When you donate any amount you can spare to empower this vital project, your gift will greatly encourage our filmmaking team who are working tirelessly to put this message on the screen.

More About Your Donation

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your prayers and for your donation (of any size). Don't forget: God is on the throne and fortunately, He is the one who holds the future! 

David Webster, President White Owl Films


Will You Team Up With Us?

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